Information & Policies


  1. COWA is an athletic association and thus encourages healthy habits. Therefore, at no time will the possession of tobacco products, vaping products, alcohol products, marijuana products, and/or illicit drugs be tolerated. Note that this is a zero-tolerance policy. Any wrestler found in possession of such products during events supervised by COWA will be expelled from the association. Any wrestler who is taking a controlled drug as part of a legitimate medical treatment or therapy must notify his/her coach of this situation.

  2. The wrestlers must follow the instructions of coaches concerning practice procedures and event behavior. Failure to follow such instructions will result in disciplinary from COWA.

  3. All wrestlers are expected to be punctual, cooperative and considerate.

  4. Wrestlers are expected to be physically fit enough to safely participate in COWA activities. Wrestlers with unusually low fitness levels may be suspended until their fitness levels improve. Wrestlers with chronic injuries will require clearance from a doctor before they can participate.

  5. Attendance at practices for senior club members is mandatory if you wish to attend tournaments.

  6. Appropriate clothing must be worn to practice. Wrestlers wear T-shirts, shorts or sweat pants, and wrestling shoes/runners.

  7. All wrestlers must be accompanied by a COWA certified coach at all practices, tournaments, and while travelling to tournaments outside of the School District #23 area.



COWA is run by parents/guardians of the wrestlers and volunteers through a five-person executive team, various board positions, and a fundraising committee. There are meetings to discuss the association’s activities.

Out Of Town Events

All wrestlers must be accompanied by a COWA certified coach at all tournaments. Wrestlers from COWA attending a tournament without a COWA coach will be breaking both BCWA and COWA policy.

Wrestlers may not leave event venues or team accommodations without the expressed permission of the coach. In general, parents, relatives and friends may visit you at the venue site/ team accommodation but you may not leave to visit them.

Curfew will be at 11:00 pm unless otherwise stated. This means lights out and asleep by 11:00 pm. COWA arranges accommodations and transportation in rental vehicles by executive approved drivers for out of town events. By travelling as a group in rental vehicles we reduce the cost per wrestler, have more liability insurance and allow all wrestlers to participate.

A permission form with all trip information will be sent home for all tournaments. It must be returned by the deadline with the required funds and parental/guardian signature in order for the wrestler to be considered for the tournament.

All wrestlers on the team participate in warm-up each day of a tournament, regardless of if they are still in the tournament.



All of our coaches are volunteers. Any verbal or physical abuse of them will result in expulsion from COWA.

All of our coaches are certified or are in the process of being certified through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). All coaches must have an up-to-date RCMP Criminal Record Check on file with COWA.

COWA is always looking for more coaches, so if you know of any person or if you would like to train as a coach, please Contact Us.



All fees will be refunded if the wrestler has attended only two or less practices for the season.

National Championships

The club may choose to sponsor a wrestler to their National Championships if they attend all practices and show their training book to their Head coach once a week. Wrestlers that win the Western Age Class or BC High School Provincial tournaments will be given higher priority.


Photo usage consent

You have the option to allow COWA to use your child’s photograph publicly to promote the club and sport of wrestling. The images may be used in publications, presentations, websites, and social media. There is no royalty, fee or other compensation that shall become payable in the usage of these. At any time, I may contact the club to update this information.

Parent Code Of Conduct


I will:

  • Support my child with positive encouragement
  • Respect and adhere to the ideals, policies, and rules determined by the Central Okanagan Wrestling Association, BC School Sports and the Canadian Amateur Wrestling Association
  • Maintain self-control at all times
  • Encourage my child to attend as many games/practices as reasonably possible in a timely manner. I will also notify the coach/manager ahead of time of any absences
  • Respect the facilities, either home or away, in which my child is privileged play
  • Show respect for the decisions, judgment and authority of the officials and timekeepers
  • Show respect for the feelings and accept the capabilities of my child, or my child’s teammates and players on the team
  • Exhibit a high degree of sportsmanship, teamwork, and positive attitude at all times when representing my child and the association
  • Avoiding confusing my child by coaching from the stands
  • Refrain from expressing my opinion of the coaches or players in front of my own child
  • Refrain from using foul language towards other parents, coaches, officials or opponents
  • Refrain from yelling at or threatening referees, opposing players or coaches before, during, or after games/practices
  • Refrain from demonstrating frustration or anger after a loss or poor performance
  • Not physically abuse any other person
  • Refrain from approaching the bench during a game situations unless summoned by a coach
  • Accept defeat gracefully… love the game above the prize