Elementary Wrestling (Grade 3-7)


This is an introductory program that runs during the year at individual schools and recreation centers in Kelowna, British Columbia. It is for girls and boys in grades 3 to 7. This includes Pacific Sport Spring Break and Summer sports camps.

Bankhead, Glenmore and North Glenmore Elementary schools have teams during the month of October.

There will be a tournament for all grade 3 to 6 School District #23 students on Wednesday October 27, 2021. (Please read below)

For further classes during the year, see our Junior Wrestling Club.


Please ensure you arrive at 5:00pm for weigh in for the following tournament. Weigh in will end at 5:20pm and late registrations and weigh ins will not be accepted. Please enter the parking lot off of Dehart Avenue. The gym is the grey building east of the school.

Date/Time Time Name Location
 Oct 27 2022 5:00pm Kelowna Elementary Tournament Kelowna - 1825 Richter Street (Central School Gym)


Note: A registration desk for Junior Wrestling Club will also be open at 6:00pm during the Elementary Tournament on TBA.

 Matches consist of two one minute periods. No tosses or grabbing of the head while in a standing position is allowed. Schools entering this tournament should have no more than four thirty minute practices.