October 30, 2019 - Elementary Wrestling Tournament Results

Young wrestlers from throughout Kelowna gathered on Wednesday, October 30th to compete in the annual Central Okanagan Wrestling Association Elementary Tournament. This pre-season tournament sees youth from grades 3-6 compete in the sport of freestyle wrestling. (Tournament results below)

While the tournament may be over - it’s only the beginning for young wrestlers in Kelowna. The wrestling season officially kicks off the week of November 4th, with opportunities for School District 23 Junior (Grade 3-7) and Senior (Grade 8-12) athletes able to participate in a fun, exciting, and challenging sport! COWA aims to foster fitness and fun within our community, keeping youth engaged with sports for life.


Boy’s Results


Group A

1st) Kian Johal - Glenmore

2nd) Daillan Lang - Glenmore

3rd) Erik Baldwin - Glenmore

4th) Kai Chandler - Glenmore


Group B

1st) Alexander Duncan - Glenmore

2nd) Wiley Boyo - Glenmore

3rd) Lucas Henriques - Glenmore

4th) Asher Chambers - Glenmore


Group C

1st) Trevor Schultz - Glenmore

2nd) Will Henderson - Glenmore

3rd) Ezra Upshaw - Glenmore

4th) Christpher Linsdell - Glenmore


Group D

1st) Max Sabey - Glenmore

2nd) Charles Doncom - Glenmore

3rd) Finn Dimmick - Glenmore

4th) Noah Walker - Glenmore


Group E

1st) Cash Andrews - Glenmore

2nd) Ian Perrett - Glenmore

3rd) Nolan Esson - Glenmore


Group F

1st) Gareth Goodman - Glenmore

2nd) Nathan Rotheisler - Glenmore

3rd) Jack Kozak - Glenmore


Group G

1st) Logan Nicoll- North Glenmore

2nd) Gabriel Sanchez - Glenmore


Group H

1st) Addison Abernethy - Glenmore
2nd) Ben Bauer - North Glenmore

School Point Totals:

1st) Glenmore: 46 Points

2nd) North Glenmore: 8 Points

Girl’s Results


Group A

1st) Brooklyn Gotro - Glenmore

2nd) Kylie Vanderheide - North Glenmore

3rd) Lenea Kane - North Glenmore

4th) Alexis Corrigal - Bankhead


Group B

1st) Adalyn McKenzie - Glenmore

2nd) Isla Kelliher - Glenmore

3rd) Ally Jones - North Glenmore


Group C

1st) Isla Demman - Glenmore

2nd) Molly Elliott - Glenmore

3rd) Georgia Harrison - Glenmore


Group D

1st) Ruby Breitkreutz - Glenmore

2nd) Julianna Mack - Glenmore

3rd) Brooklyn Richardson - Glenmore

Group E

1st) Myia Rousselle - Glenmore

2nd) Darian Mitchell - Bankhead

3rd) Jenika Craig - Glenmore


Group F

1st) Haven Martin - Bankhead

2nd) Marianna Fedoro - Glenmore

3rd) Amy Sattler - Bankhead


Group G

1st) Lilian Sitter - Glenmore

2nd) Riley Hawthorn - Glenmore

3rd) Iris Spraggs - Glenmore


School Point Totals:

1st) Glenmore: 35 Points

2nd) Bankhead: 9 Points

3rd) North Glenmore: 6 Points

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